Is Eliquid Safe?

Is E-liquid safe to use?

E-Liquid has been used for nearly a decade by large numbers of people. While propylene glycol can cause allergies and irritation in a minority of people, no significant risks to health have been recorded but if you are allergic to PG you will need to use 100% VG Eliquid.

The long term effects of vaping are not yet known, although current opinion around the web are that they are a much better alternative to smoking tobacco.

Most of these components in eliquid are well known and are used in many food products such as household products. Currently only pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG are safe to use.

What is E liquid ?

E liquid  is a vapour/nicotine base product that is found in electronic cigarettes and is heated by the atomiser to deliver the sensation, taste and feel of smoking. It should be noted that while you may find a really good e cigarette, your vaping experience will not be as enjoyable without quality e-liquid.  E-liquid comes in a variety of different flavours, consistencies, throat hit and nicotine concentrations.

Eliquid in Nicotine?

E-Liquid contains nicotine (unless marked as Zero Nicotine)and should only be used and handled by adults 18 or older depending on your origin. Please be aware that nicotine is a known poison. However, in small doses usually found in cigarettes and electronic cigarettes it is safe to handle and to inhale in a vapour form. While unlikely to harm an adult, e-liquid could harm a child.

Nicotine has a similar risk profile to caffeine, and can raise blood pressure. Little is still known about nicotine, but we do know that it is the combustion that takes place when a cigarette is smoked that causes most of the harm, not of the nicotine. Nicotine may also have some beneficial effects, Read more about nicotine here.

Is it safe to handle Eliquid?

E-liquid should never be handled by anyone underage and should only be used by people who are smokers and have a tolerance for nicotine. E-Liquid should always be kept in a childproof bottle, and out of reach of young children.

Should you get e-liquid on your skin, wash the e-liquid off with soap and water.

Safety Concerns

Many of the ingredients used to make E-liquid are well known and are the same products found in many food products. Currently only pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG are considered safe to use. It should be noted that E-liquid does contain nicotine and should only be handled by adults 18 and older. There are liquids that are nicotine free if you prefer. If eliquid ever gets on your skin be sure to wash it with warm soap and water immediately.

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